If you have cancer or chronic pain, suicidal, or depressed please
call our prayer request line.

CALL: (877) 521-3354
For Our 24 Hour Prayer & Crisis Line


We are trying to do a fund raiser for a revival event going across the United States. We plan to bring 20 Million people to Christ while traveling around the country, and any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Prayer for Healing | God Can Heal Cancer, Chronic Pains, Depression, & Suicide | Prayer Works

Hands, Spiritual Ministry in Montevallo, AL

Revive and restore your relationship with God when you let Hope and Prayer, a prayer line, be your formidable guide back to the Lord. For more than 8 years we've been providing a great support system that helps people enrich their lives through spiritual and medical healing, especially for those with cancer, chronic pains, and arthritis.

A Ministry That Heals The Soul
If you are depressed, medically ill, or have been abused, come to Hope and Prayer for healings and restorations. We are a ministry with a mission to help those in need all over the United States. We help people who are depressed and medically ill.

About Our Staff
Timothy and staff are here to serve God, and through God's power people heal through prayer.  We minister to all people compassionately. Get in contact with us today to learn about our help line.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Visit our Healing ministry today and receive loving care and support from us.
To request more information, contact us toll free at (877) 521-3354.

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(877) 521-3354
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to help support the ministry.
*Help Abused Women*
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*Counsel For Depression/Suicidal*

Call Our 24 Hour Prayer Crisis line Nationwide anytime!